AGENDA - 16th November 2023 

  1. Apologies for Absence

To accept apologies for absence

 2. To Receive Declarations of Interest, Notification of Changes to Members’ Interests and consider any requests for a dispensation

To receive any declarations of interests from Members in respect to items on the agenda.

 Public Session (members of the public may speak for up to 5 minutes at the discretion of the Chair about items on the agenda).

 3. Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 21st September 2023 *

To review and approve.

 4. District Councillor Reports

To receive any reports.

 5. HALC Update

To receive any HALC updates.

 6. Planning Applications *

  • DC/23/1979 Stables at Glebe Meadow Church Lane Ashurst Steyning

Change of use of existing stable building into a holiday let, alongside building operations including the introduction of infill glazing and windows, together with the provision of parking and other associated works.


  • DC/23/2042 Jessups Farm Honeybridge Lane Ashurst West Sussex

Retention of the buildings identified as the Flower Studio and Potting Shed and outbuilding for use as a single residential dwelling. Erection of an infill link extension between the flower studio and potting shed (Retrospective).


  • To discuss any planning applications since the publication of the agenda

 7. Planning Decisions from HDC

To receive decisions on planning applications from Horsham District Council.

 8. Planning Appeals

To consider any appeals

 9. Payments and bank reconciliation *

  • Review and approve schedule of payments and bank reconciliation since the last meeting (21st September 2023).

 10. Budget**

  • To consider a draft budget for 2024/25

 11. Grants

  • To discuss a grant application from St Barnabas House*

 12. Recreation Ground

  • To receive a report on the Recreation Ground Trust’s income and expenditure since the meeting on 21st September 2023**
  • To receive an update on the switch from HSBC to Lloyds
  • To note the annual playground inspection and consider any works*
  • To receive an update on the rebuild/replacement of the John Eaton Hut
  • To receive an update on the Oak Tree
  • To receive an update on Ashurst Football Club
  • To receive an update on Ashurst CofE Primary School

 13. Speeding in Ashurst

  • To receive an update from Speedwatch
  • To discuss Ashurst Parish Council’s proposal for the implementation of a 40mph speed limit north of the village

 14. Rampion

To receive an update on Rampion.

 15. Broadband

To receive any update since the last meeting.

 16. Date of next meeting

To agree meeting dates for 2024.             


   *Documents have been sent to councillors with the Agenda     

** To follow