Rampion 2 Wind Farm Updates 

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February 2024

Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm - Project Information (planninginspectorate.gov.uk)

January 2024 Rampion newsletter


Rampion update - September 2023

Link to September 2023 update

Minutes from the latest Community Onshore Project Liaison Group (PLG):

Link to draft minutes

Rampion 2 Community Project Liaison Group 5 - Presentation Slides

Link to presentation slides from 14th June 2023

10th May Annual Council Meeting draft minutes: 

Councillor Knight said he had received a letter which referred to Ashurst Parish Council as landowner and as this was not the case, the Council AGREED not to respond to this consultation as it had already stated its position twice in the past. Councillor Knight confirmed the Parish Council’s policy had always been not to comment on the route of the cable corridor but to encourage Rampion to liaise with landowners in an open-minded discussion.

Rampion 2 launches public consultation on potential onshore cable route changes - October 2022

Here is a link to a report on the results of the first public consultation on the proposed Rampion 2 wind farm which will be located offshore close to Worthing and Littlehampton.

If you would like to part in the second public consultation, relating to the proposed cable corridor between Climping and Cowfold via Ashurst, visit rampion2.com before 29th November.

An information event on Rampion 2 will be held at Ashurst Village Hall from 1pm-8pm on 11th November.

Second Statutory Public Consultation 

Rampion 2 Consultation Submission from Andrew Griffith MP

Rampion 2 Public Consultation: 1st July to 16th September 2021

Information available here: Consultation Proposals - Rampion 2

Further supporting documents:

Rampion 2: 14th July Press Release

Rampion 2 Consultation Poster

Rampion 2: Statement of Community Consultation Notice

Rampion 2: Statement of Community Consultation


Andrew Griffith MP has set up a survey online, to ascertain the strength and nature of local residents' concerns about the Rampion 2 proposals, and would be grateful if residents have time to complete via the link below:

Rampion 2 | Andrew Griffith (andrewgriffithmp.com)

Presentation given to Ashurst Parish Council by RWE on 10th February 2021

Letter sent to RWE from Ashurst Parish Council in response to the above presentation

Contact Details for Ms Jenn Bryden, Consultation Manager Rampion 2: