Members of Ashurst Parish Council:

Cllr Susie Fischel - Chairman

Cllr Alistair Russell - Vice Chairman

Cllr Chas Hammond

Cllr Mark Knight

Cllr Les Nicholson

Clerk to Ashurst Parish Council:

Emily Simpson -


Councillors representing Ashurst on Horsham District Council:

Victoria Finnegan -     

Nicholas Marks -

Horsham District Council website:

Councillor representing Ashurst on West Sussex County Council:

Paul Linehan -

West Sussex County Council website:

Member of Parliament for Arundel and South Downs constituency:

Mr Andrew Griffith

House of Commons

Phone: 0207 219 3000


Click on the links below to see Parish Councillors Declarations of Interest:

Susie Fischel

Alistair Russell

Les Nicholson

Mark Knight

Chas Hammond