22 Elder Close



BN41 2ER


Clerk to the Council:  Elizabeth Leggo

Tel:  07738664449  

e-mail: ashurstclerk@outlook.com






Councillors are respectfully summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of Ashurst Parish Council on Thursday 19th May 2022 at 7.30pm at Ashurst Village Hall for the transaction of the business on the Agenda below.


Elizabeth Leggo

Clerk to the Council

14th May 2022


Following the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, and with regard to regulations on Access to Local Government Meetings, members of the public are advised that they have a right to film/record the meetings of Ashurst Parish Council. Members of the public are also advised that by attending a meeting of Ashurst Parish Council, they give their consent to being filmed/recorded by other members of the public, if such activity is taking place.




  1. Election of Chairman. To elect a Chairman for the coming year and for the Chairman to sign his/her acceptance of office.
  2. Election of Vice Chairman. To elect a Vice Chairman for the coming year and for the Vice Chairman to sign his/her acceptance of office.

To discuss any questions submitted by the public.

3. Apologies for Absence.

4. Declaration of Members’ Interests.

5. Minutes of the Meeting of 24th March 2022* and of the Extraordinary Meeting of 25th April 2022*.  The minutes, subject to any amendments, to be approved and signed as a true record of the two meetings. The Chairman will sign a copy of the two sets of minutes.

6. Reports from District & County Councillors.

7. Outstanding Actions. To clarify and report on actions brought forward from the last meeting.

8. Recreation Ground Matters. To discuss any matters concerning the Recreation Ground including:

  • To approve the Annual Accounts for 2021/22*
  • To approve and sign the income and expenditure for 2021/22.
  • To sign the forms to change the signatory on the bank account to the new Clerk.
  • To confirm a date to meet at the Recreation Ground to have a clear up.
  • To discuss the potential usage of the Ground by a new football club.

 9. Planning Matters. To comment on planning applications received from Horsham District Council.

DC/22/0397: Relocation of 1 no. approved timber holiday cabin. Site: Furzefield Farm, Honeybridge Lane, Ashurst, West Sussex

 10. Planning Decisions from HDC. To receive decisions on planning applications from HDC.

 11. Financial Matters.

  • To receive the report on the Council’s income and to approve future expenditure.
  • To confirm the appointment of Mulberry & Co as Internal Auditors and of Moore UK as External Auditor.
  • To note the remaining balance of the Public Works Loan.
  • To discuss online banking.
  • To sign the forms to change the signatory on the bank account to the new Clerk.

12. Certificate of Exemption. To approve the Certificate of Exemption from external audit for the Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2021/22.

13. Annual Governance Statement*. To review and approve by Resolution the Annual Governance Statement 2021/22.

14. Accounting Statements*. To review and approve by resolution the Accounting Statements for 2021/22.

15. Limited Assurance Review. To decide whether to have a Limited Assurance Review for the year 2021/22.

16. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations*. To review and adopt Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

17. WSALC Update. To receive any updates from West Sussex Association of Local Councils.

18. HALC Update. To receive an update from Cllr Fischel.

19. Appointment of Representatives for HALC & WSALC. To appoint two councillors to represent Ashurst Parish Council at any future meetings of HALC and WSALC.

 20. Rampion 2 Wind Farm. To receive any updates from Cllr Knight.

21. Grants

To decide whether the Council will make a grant towards St Barnabas Hospice for the Hospice at Home Night Service.

22. Broadband in Ashurst. To receive an update from Cllrs Knight and Nicholson.

23. Trees and footpaths. To receive an update from Cllr Fischel.

24. GDPR

Reminder to delete all emails over 6 months old.

25. Ukraine Crisis. To discuss any actions the Council might take.

26. Correspondence To discuss recent significant correspondence, either by letter or email, and respond as appropriate, including:

  • Invitation to a Parish Council Safari at the Knepp Estate on 7th
  • Free Net Zero Workshop – Tuesday 24th

27. Reports from Outside Bodies

28.Information Items. To receive information and items for the agenda at future meetings.


To confirm provisional date of the next Meeting of the Council: 21st July 2022.


                *Documents circulated to all councillors with the agenda or by emails previously forwarded.