22 Elder Close



BN41 2ER


Clerk to the Council:  Elizabeth Leggo

Tel:  07738664449  

e-mail: ashurstclerk@outlook.com









Cllr Fischel

Ashurst Parish Council (APC)

Cllrs Hammond, Hedley, Jesse, Knight, Nicholson and Russell

Horsham District Council (HDC)

Cllrs Lloyd & Platt


Elizabeth Leggo


Further to the Coronavirus Act 2020, this meeting was held remotely via Zoom. Members of the public were given the opportunity to email or telephone the Clerk in advance with any questions or statements and were invited to ask for a link to observe the meeting remotely.


To discuss any questions submitted by the public.

No members of the public were present for the meeting.


  1. Apologies for Absence.

None for this meeting.

  1. Declaration of Members’ Interests.

None for this meeting.

  1. Approve the Minutes of the meeting of 7th January and of the extraordinary meetings of 10th and 24th February 2021.

The minutes were circulated to all councillors and taken as read. It was RESOLVED that the minutes are a true record of all three meetings and were signed by the Chairman. The Chairman would post these to the Clerk.

  1. Update on Covid-19.

It was noted that, given government guidelines on social distancing, along with guidance from SSALC and NALC, that meetings for the coming months would continue to be held remotely via Zoom.

The John Eaton Hut has been closed, but members of Partridge Green Football Club will be able to use this at their own risk when they recommence playing at the end of March.


  1. Reports from District & County Councillors

Cllr Lloyd reported on the HDC planning review, which is still on-going.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, the council tax reduction has been extended for another year to support low income.  Updates on the Council finances is available on the HDC website.

Medium term financial strategies are being taken with a view to balancing budgets in the next three years.

Steyning and HDC are developing their own parking standards, having taken this over from WSCC.


Cllr Platt added that £6.55 million in grants have been given out to businesses and individuals. The Council had received 2,740 applications for this fund.


Ashurst Council had been asked whether anyone at HDC was giving consideration to the proposed route for the Rampion onshore cabling and its implications for affected parishes and landowners, such as long-term disruption, possible compulsory purchase orders and satisfactory compensation? Cllrs Lloyd and Platt agreed to find out more about this, as they were not aware of this issue having been discussed at HDC.


Cllr Fischel thanked the District Councillors for their reports.



  1. Outstanding Actions




Cllr Fischel to speak to the Landlord of the Fountain Inn regarding its registration as an Asset of Community Value.  

To carry over until Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed.  

Cllr Fischel to find out more about the VAS and what  

Planning permission is required.  

To carry over until after Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed.   

Clerk to send councillors some dates to meet at the Recreation Ground.  

Wait until Covid restrictions are removed.  Perhaps this Autumn!  

Cllr Fischel to continue dialogue with Chair of the Governors at Ashurst Primary School re payment for use of Ground. 

Still awaiting payment. Clerk and Chair following up.  

Local Plan - Cllrs Fischel and Knight to discuss how to follow up on Ashurst’s concerns regarding the suggested reclassification for Ashurst from an unclassified settlement to a secondary.  

Local Plan comments sent to Cllr Lloyd. Reply from HDC received. Cllr Fischel to resend to Cllr Knight.  Ongoing?

Clerk to contact Utility Aid to ask them to proceed with search for cheaper water and electricity for the Ground, as a charity.  

See Item 7 below.  

Cllrs Russell and Hammond to review Wicksteed results and make repairs as necessary at the playground.  

See Item 7 below.  

Cllr Hammond to send the Clerk the invoice for the new glass 

 for the Cricket Pavilion. 


Clerk to design appropriate signage for the play equipment and 

 Cllr Fischel to review and put this up. 


Cllr Russell to recommence legionella testing once lockdown is lifted. 

See item 7 below. 

Cllr Fischel to keep an eye on the deer situation at the Recreation Ground. 

Ongoing - See 14 below. 

Clerk to submit 2012/2 Precept. 


Cllrs Knight and Nicolson agreed to keep up the momentum on the  

Broadband project. Door to door canvassing when circumstances allow. 

Possible development of Council database? 

Ongoing - See item 12 below.  

Cllr Nicholson to order equipment and the Community Speedwatch

Group to continue with their live training as conditions allow.  Clerk to

chase WSCC for payment of s106 funds to cover cost of equipment. 

Ongoing – See Item 13 below.  

Cllr Fischel to book for dead wood work on Recreation Ground 

Complete - See 14 below. 

Cllr Fischel to book the sonic tomography test on the oak tree.

Test complete- See 14 below. 

Cllr Fischel to attend Adur Restoration Corridor Meeting. 

Complete - See 14 below. 






  1. Recreation Ground Matters.

The bank balance at HSBC as at 20th February 2021 was £7,779.62


Income received 7th Jan 2021 – 4th March 2021  

None for this period




Expenditure authorised 7th Jan 2021 – 4th March 2021    

Charles Hammond

Reimbursement for glass for cricket pavilion window


EDF Energy

Electricity Jan & Feb


The FA Bartlett Tree Expert Company

Health & Structural Integrity Report for Oak Tree at Recreation Ground

£780 (including VAT)

Ashurst Arborists

Deadwood removal at Ground




HDC’s playground inspection came back low risk, but saying chain links worn, loose eye bolts on the flat swings and rust on the slide.


Cllrs Russell and Hammond had been to the playground this week to look at the equipment and rubber matting. The only work identified to undertake was power washing the rubber matting and sealing the joins with the sealant provided by Wicksteed.


Cllr Russell agreed to undertake Legionella testing at the John Eaton Hut as the Football Club would soon recommence play.



Cllrs Fischel and Russell to keep an eye on issues raised by HDC, when carrying out the weekly play equipment inspections.

Cllrs Russell and Hammond to undertake repairs on the rubber matting.

Cllr Russell to undertake the Legionnaires water safety test before the end of the month.



  1. Planning Matters.

DC/20/1834: Erection of boathouse/fishing lodge building with ground level change

Address: Peppers Farm Peppers Lane Ashurst Steyning West Sussex BN44 3AX


The Clerk was asked to submit the following to HDC:


Stance: Neutral

Comments: Ashurst Parish Council has not changed its comments since this application was last reviewed.


  1. Planning Decisions from HDC.

None for this meeting.


  1. Rampion 2 Windfarm

The Council had held an extraordinary meeting on 10th February on this matter and had written to RWE about its concerns. (See separate minutes on the website for a copy of this letter).


Action: Clerk to chase up a response.




  1. Financial Matters

The bank balance at Lloyds TSB as at 17th February 2021 was £10,229.85

Income received 7th Jan 2021 – 4th March 2021  

None for this period




Expenditure authorised 7th Jan 2021 – 4th March 2021    

Les Nicholson

Reimbursement for Community Speedwatch kit


E Leggo

Office Allowance Jan-March


E Leggo

Salary Jan-March



E Leggo tax for Jan-March


Public Works Loan Board

Village Hall repayment


Parochial Church Council of Ashurst

Donation for Ashurst newsletter



The Clerk has submitted the precept to HDC.


  1. Broadband in Ashurst

Cllr Knight had hoped to have the estimate from Openreach, but this should be with him next week. The scheme to apply for vouchers unfortunately expired at the end of December, but Cllr Knight has been informed that this should be available again from April. He and Cllr Nicholson hoped that the application for 56 houses to be connected would be one of the first submitted for the new financial year.


Cllr Nicholson informed the meeting that he has managed to install 4G at home for £120 which is providing good download and upload speeds. Cllr Fischel asked Cllr Nicholson to produce an update for the village newsletter to share this with other residents of the Parish.


  1. Community Speedwatch

Cllr Nicholson informed the Council that the kit has been purchased. All volunteers have done the online training, but they need the physical training from the Police to learn how to use the kit. They are hoping they can train after 12th April, but are awaiting the easing of social distancing rules.


  1. Trees and Footpaths

A delivery of 420 trees took place in November, courtesy of the Woodland Trust. Planting has not yet taken place due to extremely wet weather. A drain and soak away have been put into the Recreation Ground to alleviate flooding, which should allow the planting of the trees to take place shortly. The aim is to get this done before the end of March, so the school children can help.


Around twenty more mature trees, donated by residents of the Parish, have been planted along the eastern boundary of the Recreation Ground. (Cllr Fischel reported that there is no further evidence of deer at the Ground.)


The large oak tree has been tested. The positive result is that the tree is in better condition than anticipated. We now await the full report, before taking further action to extend its life. The tree was thought to be at least 250 years old. Meanwhile the deadwood identified on the other trees at the Ground has been cut back.


Cllr Fischel had attended the Adur Restoration Corridor meeting. This group, which includes the Sussex Wildlife Trust, is keen to get its corridor restoration plans fed into the HDC local plan before this is formalised. Cllr Fischel felt that most Ashurst landowners would be keen to assist in this project.


A resident has emailed to state that the pot-holes in Golden Lane have returned and are getting worse.


Action: Clerk to speak to Cllr Barling and re-report to WSCC.

  1. Operation Watershed

One of the bends at the start Peppers Lane (coming from School Lane) continues to flood badly when it rains. Cllrs Knight and Russell had no updates, but Cllr Russell said he would approach the landowner concerned to find out if he is willing to have further work done to alleviate this problem.


Cllr Nicholson pointed out that at the junction of Golden Lane and the B2135, the dip in the road becomes badly flooded. Cllr Nicholson wondered if an application for Operation Watershed could be made for this?


Action: Cllr Russell to speak to the resident in question.

Action: Clerk to speak to Cllr Barling and find out about a suggested course of action for Golden Lane.


  1. Policy on UAVs (drones)

The Clerk reported that she had received a Freedom of Information request asking for a copy of the Council’s Policy on Flying UAVs on Council Land. Other councils have such policies. It was RESOLVED not to adopt a policy on this at present as this is not a current problem.


  1. SSALC Update

Cllr Fischel had attended the recent WSALC AGM on 25th February and reported back on the voting on the special and ordinary resolutions. (See Appendix one for details.) Given the resignations and shake up in WSALC, Ashurst would not now resign from WSALC. Since SSALC was being wound up at the end of March, we would wait and see what alternative training and support WSALC is able to offer for this coming year.


  1. HALC Update

Cllr Fischel was not aware of any HALC meetings having taken place since the last update in January.


  1. Grants

The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance has asked for a grant towards ventilators. It was AGREED to donate £100 in the next financial year.


Action: Clerk to raise a cheque from next year’s budget.


  1. GDPR

All councillors were reminded to delete any emails over 6 months old.


None for this meeting.


  1. Reports from Outside Bodies.

Cllr Jesse reported that the Hall will reopen when it can, with the yoga group hoping to start on 18th May.


  1. Information Items.

Improving our communication with the Parish was discussed and the Clerk was asked to research Mailchimp with a view to possibly setting up a mailing list. This would be in addition to the village newsletter and e-mail

Action: Clerk to research Mailchimp and add this item to the next agenda.

                Date of next meeting: Thursday 13th May 2021 (Annual Meeting of the Council)


The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.45PM




                Signed                  …………………………………….   Chairman         Dated                    …………………………

Appendix 1


WSALC AGM held on 25th February 2021

The following is taken from the minutes of the WSALC AGM.


The member parishes voted as follows in the Special Resolutions:


The Parish Councils of West Sussex instruct the Directors of WSALC as a Special Resolution not to purchase governance services from the Hampshire Association of Local Councils. The resolution was proposed by Cllr Hind and seconded by Cllr Tait. After voting, Members APPROVED the special resolution at 9.1.1. The votes were 136 in favour, 7 against with 6 abstentions


The Parish Councils of West Sussex instruct the Directors of WSALC as a Special Resolution to work with the East Sussex Association of Local Councils to re-establish a Sussex Association and to receive joint governance arrangements through a single service. The resolution was proposed by Cllr Beaton and seconded by Cllr Stafford. After voting, Members APPROVED the special resolution at 9.1.2. The votes were 138 in favour, 3 against with 8 abstentions.


The Parish Councils of West Sussex instruct the Directors of WSALC as a Special Resolution to appoint a new Chairman and Vice Chairman of WSALC. The resolution was proposed by Cllr Beaton and seconded by Cllr Stafford. After voting, Members APPROVED the special resolution at 9.1.3. The votes were 134 in favour, 2 against with 9 abstentions.


The member parishes voted as follows in the Ordinary Resolution:


That Terry Oliver and Michael Beal be removed from office as directors of the Company with immediate effect 25th February 2021. The resolution was proposed by Cllr Beaton and seconded by Cllr Stafford. After voting, Members APPROVED the special resolution at 9.1.3. The votes were 130 in favour, 5 against with 16 abstentions