Cllr Fischel

Ashurst Parish Council (APC)

Cllrs Hammond, Hedley and Russell

Horsham District Council (HDC)

Cllr Lloyd


Elizabeth Leggo


To discuss any questions submitted by the public.


  1. Apologies for Absence.

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Jesse and Nicholson (APC), and Cllr Platt (HDC).

  1. Declaration of Members’ Interests.

None for this meeting.

  1. Approve the Minutes of the Meeting of 2nd December 2021

The minutes were circulated to all councillors and taken as read. It was RESOLVED that the minutes are a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.

  1. Update on COVID-19.

Meetings must still be held face to face, remote meetings are not permitted. Face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces unless an exemption is held.

  1. Reports from District & County Councillors.

Cllr Platt sent his apologies, but advised the Clerk of the following:

The new Council leader was formally voted in at an extra Council meeting before Christmas. New Cabinet members are in place and the memberships of Committees and Policy Development and Advisory Groups (PDAGs) agreed.  There is a new Cabinet position to cover Environment and Rural Affairs and …[Cllr Platt has joined the PDAG for this].  Cllr Lloyd continues as the Chairman of Planning (South) for the District…..

The new leader, Jonathan Chowen, has indicated that he intends to use the Water Neutrality issue to reduce the massive housing allocations built in to the HDC draft plan. There has not been any resolution of the Water Neutrality issue, and this not expected to happen for some months.  Meanwhile, planning applications involving water use are on hold. 


Cllr Lloyd attended and updated on the following:

  • The budget has not been agreed yet, but it is looking like council tax will be increased by 2.9%.
  • It is also looking like the District Council may end the financial year with a small surplus.
  • Garden waste collections are going to increase marginally in cost.
  • A food waste trial has been hugely successful, and it is looking likely to be rolled out in April.
  • Carbon neutrality – HDC has moved forward with internal strategies to reduce the carbon rating
  • The CEO of HDC has resigned, so will need to be replaced.
  1. Outstanding Actions.




Cllr Fischel to speak to the Landlord of the Fountain Inn regarding registration as an Asset of Community Value.

Can now be actioned.

Cllrs Fischel and Russell to keep an eye on issues raised by HDC, when carrying out the weekly play equipment inspections.


Cllr Russell to follow up Watershed Grant possibility with Ms Furlong.



Action: Cllr Russell to chase up WSCC for an update on Operation Watershed.

Currently on hold – a non-starter?

Cllr Fischel will arrange to meet with Norman Kwan of Horsham District Council to talk about the potential of starting a new Neighbourhood Plan for Ashurst. She would also raise again the issue of Ashurst’s proposed reclassification as a secondary settlement.


Clr Fischel met with Norman Kwan who suggested that there is little point in starting up a Neighbourhood Plan until issues with the HDC Local Plan are resolved.

Clerk to re-invite a representative of ENSO to a meeting early next year

Ongoing – See 9 below.

Cllr Fischel to investigate purchasing a new bench for the Recreation Ground and report back.

Ongoing - Cllr Fischel to follow up.

Cllr Fischel would arrange for the deer fencing to be erected during the holidays, if possible.

Complete - Temporary Deer Fence in situ.

Clerk to advise the Football Club of the Council’s decision on charging a lower rate for matches and to ask if the Club could help with the Spring clear up at the Ground

Complete. PGFC agreed to help with Clear up.

Cllrs Fischel and Russell to investigate possibilities for a refurbished or replacement building for the John Eaton Hut at the Recreation Ground.

Ongoing – See 7 below.

Cllr Fischel to come up with some dates for a Spring Clear up at the Recreation Ground

Ongoing – Date to be agreed at the next meeting.

Cllr Russell agreed to speak to an electrician about carrying out the necessary PAT tests.



  1. Recreation Ground Matters.
  • To receive the report on the Recreation Ground Trust’s income and to approve future expenditure.


The bank balance at HSBC as at 20th December 2021 was £10,761.87


Income received 2nd December 2021 to 13th January 2022            

None for this period

Expenditure authorised 2nd December 2021 to 13th January 2022


Electricity – December 2021


Cllr Fischel (reimbursement)

Deer fencing



                There has been a request to use the Recreation Ground and the Cricket Pavilion on Sunday 5th June for the Jubilee. The Trustees were pleased to AGREE to this. (No cricket match was being held on that day.)


                Cllrs Fischel and Russell AGREED to meet at the Recreation Ground to further consider the redevelopment of the John Eaton Hut. Deliberations to include redevelopment or replacement and possible future proofing of the new building to enable the provision of showers if this was subsequently thought to be desirable. Councillors reiterated their desire to see the Recreation Ground being used for sport. They wish to positively encourage this.


               Action Points:

               Cllr Fischel to advise the organisers of the Platinum Big Lunch that the Recreation Ground and Cricket Pavilion are available for the Village’s use on 5th June 2022.

               Cllrs Fischel and Russell to report back at the next meeting on progress made on the John Eaton Hut replacement building.        

  1. Planning Matters.

None for this meeting.


Planning Decisions from HDC. 

Parish: Ashurst PC

Application Number: DC/21/2591

Site: Merrion Farm Bines Green Partridge Green West Sussex RH13 8EH Description: Non Material Amendment to previously approved application DC/20/1769 (Installation of a 36m x 50m clay-lined earth walled slurry lagoon with associated surrounding engineering works) to allow for an amendment to the wording of Condition 3.

Decision: Application Permitted

Date of Decision: 07/12/2021


  1. Proposed solar farm at Huddlestone Farm, Steyning

Both the Clerk and Cllr Fischel had made contact with ENSO to invite a representative to the December meeting, but unfortunately neither had received a response. The Clerk will be re-inviting a representative to a forthcoming meeting. Cllr Lloyd informed the Council that he had heard nothing on this from HDC, he will see if he can obtain any update on a possible application.


Action: Clerk to re-invite a representative of ENSO to a forthcoming meeting.


  1. Rampion 2 Windfarm Update

The Council has received no update from Rampion since the end of the consultation period in September. Likewise, Cllr Lloyd has heard nothing from HDC on this proposal, he will try and obtain an update.


  1. Financial Matters.


The bank balance at Lloyds TSB as at 8th December 2021 was £13,161.68

Income received 2nd December 2021 to 13th January 2022

None for this period.

Expenditure authorised 2nd December 2021 to 13th January 2022

Parochial Church Council of Ashurst

Newsletter contribution



The Council AGREED to precept HDC £13,200 for 2022-23. This is an increase of 1% on the 2021-22 precept of £13,050.


Action: Clerk to submit the agreed precept request to HDC.


  1. Community Speedwatch

Cllr Nicholson had advised that he had no specific update on the Community Speedwatch for this meeting.


Cllr Fischel informed the Council that Cllr Nicholson had received a letter from a member of the public about the accident outside the Fountain Inn on New Year’s Eve, asking whether the Council could do more regarding traffic calming measures in the village. It was agreed that the Council has done all it can in this area by commissioning a speed survey, applying for a vehicle activated speed sign and setting up the community speedwatch.


Action: Cllr Fischel to ask Cllr Nicholson if he would apprise the member of the public of the above.


  1. Trees and footpaths

Cllr Fischel informed that the Oak Tree has a TPO, therefore planning permission is needed to undertake the work. Cllr Fischel has submitted the requisite documentation so hopefully we will be able to proceed with the necessary work on the oak tree in the near future.


  1. WSALC Update

The Clerk has circulated all of the current training courses to councillors.


  1. HALC Update

Cllr Fischel informed the Council that there are no updates for this meeting.


  1. Local Plan

Cllr Fischel had spoken to Norman Kwan who advised that there is little point in starting a Neighbourhood Plan at this stage, pending resolution of issues with HDC’s own Local Plan. Grants are still available through Locality, should we decide to pursue this initiative at a later date.


  1. Grants

None for this meeting.


  1. GDPR

The Council was reminded to delete all emails over 6 months old.

  1. Correspondence

None for this meeting.

  1. Reports from Outside Bodies

It was noted that Flix in the Stix had been suspended temporarily due to Covid-19 concerns.

  1. Information Items.

Cllr Fischel suggested that the Council might invite Andrew Griffith MP to speak at the Council’s Annual Meeting. There are a number of current issues which affect Ashurst and so this should be of interest to residents. As a date has not yet been set for the Annual Meeting, it was agreed to add this to the agenda for the next meeting.


Action: Clerk to add to the agenda for the next meeting


Due to the nature of the information concerning staff and salary the next item took place under Standing Order 11 and was discussed in Closed Session. No members of the public were present for the meeting.


  1. The Clerk’s Resignation

The Clerk had submitted her resignation to the Chairman in mid-December 2021, giving three and a half months’ notice. She has also offered to stay on for a further 2 months to train a new Clerk if this is needed.


The Clerk and Cllr Fischel would speak to WSALC about recruitment and organise a job description and advert. The Clerk has contacted WSALC for advice on recruitment.


The Clerk thanked the Council for their years of support. The main reason for her resignation was that she wished to have more time to work in her main job in the NHS, which has become increasingly demanding under Covid.


Action: Clerk and Cllr Fischel to draw up a job description and Clerk to advertise the role on the WSALC website.



Date of next meeting: Thursday 24th March 2022

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm





                Signed                  …………………………………….   Chairman         Dated                    ………………………