Cllr Fischel

Ashurst Parish Council (APC)

Cllrs Hammond, Knight, Nicholson and Russell

Horsham District Council (HDC)

Cllr Platt


Emily Simpson


There were none.


To discuss any questions submitted by the public.

 There were none.


The Chair formally thanked the previous Clerk, Liz Leggo, for her hard work over the last 5 years and wished her the best with her future career. She then welcomed the new Clerk, Emily Simpson. The Council was looking forward to working with her.


1. Apologies for Absence.

Apologies were received from Cllr Lloyd (HDC) which the Council RESOLVED to accept.

2. Declaration of Members’ Interests, notification of changes to Members’ Interests, and consider any requests for dispensation.

None for this meeting.

3. Approve the Minutes of the Meeting of 19th May 2022.

The minutes were circulated to all councillors whereupon it was RESOLVED to approve them as a true and accurate record. They were then signed by the Chairman.

4. Reports from District & County Councillors.

Cllr Platt reported on water neutrality and advised that it continued to be a problem. This was the reason behind the reduced number of planning applications. The Horsham District Local Plan was still on hold and it was not clear when it would be put back in place. It was also unclear what impact the water neutrality issue would have on Horsham District Plan’s required housing numbers. It was evident however that, unless a water neutral solution could be found, development could not take place.


Cllrs Lloyd and Platt had joined councillors from Bramber & Upper Beeding for a site visit to Huddlestone Farm to consider the application for a large solar installation project. The applicants had submitted a revised plan reducing the size, so the Council Officer brought this new plan for the Councillors to see, and so they could assess the visual impact. Photos were taken of the potential site.


Cllr Platt confirmed there had been a change of leadership in the Council. An Environment and Rural Affairs Policy Advisory Group, chaired by Cllr James Wright, had been set up recently. He also gave a brief update on the Wilder Horsham District project, the five-year partnership between Sussex Wildlife Trust and Horsham District Council, set up to deliver a Nature Recovery Network for Horsham District.

5. Outstanding Actions.


Action and outcome

Cllr Fischel to speak to the Landlord of the Fountain Inn regarding registration as an Asset of Community Value - can now be actioned.

Cllrs Fischel and Russell to keep an eye on issues raised by HDC, when carrying out the weekly play equipment inspections - Ongoing.

Clerk to re-invite a representative of ENSO to speak at a meeting - decided to invite another speaker to the next meeting.

Cllr Fischel to investigate purchasing a new bench for the Recreation Ground and report back - it was agreed to go for a 150cm bench, which had been sourced, rather than a 180cm.

Cllrs Fischel and Russell to investigate options for a refurbished or replacement building at the Recreation Ground - ongoing.

Help for Ukrainian Families in Ashurst - ongoing but no current help seems to be required.


6. Recreation Ground Matters

  • The bank balance at HSBC as at 20th May 2022 was £10,590.29


Income received 19th May – 21ST July 2022


Pitch hire - 2 games


Ashington Juniors FC

Pitch hire - 1 game


 Total income received = £75.00

Expenditure authorised  19th May – 21ST July 2022





Bank charges to 19th April 2022


Delia Thornton

Legionella Risk Assessment and advice


Sussex Land Services

Grass cutting (April – June 2022)



 Total expenditure = £1049.60


  • The Council considered three electrical quotes obtained and RESOLVED to approve the quote from Perry Electrics for £787.00 + VAT. The work should be carried out as soon as possible.
  • The Legionnaires report was noted. It confirmed that Legionella was no longer present. The water safety recommendations were also noted. The Council RESOLVED to instruct Delia Thornton to carry out the appropriate training at a cost of £150 which would take approximately 1.5 hours. After this, Cllr Russell advised that, he would carry out the necessary remedial works. Cllrs Fischel and Russell confirmed they were flushing the water system every few days.
  • Cllr Fischel advised the Council that the Village Jubilee Lunch last month was a great success.

The school had a Jubilee afternoon as well as their annual Sports Day which had both gone well.

The Flower Show had taken place at the Village Hall rather than on the Recreation Ground. There had been a Village cricket match last week and they would hopefully be returning for another fixture in September. A Ladies’ Cricket match was taking place at the time of the Council meeting and this would hopefully also become a regular fixture.

Ashurst United Football Club had now been formally inaugurated! They would like to use the Recreation Ground as their home ground. There will be around six to eight matches from September to April. During the summer they would like to have 3 Saturday lunchtime friendly matches and hold training sessions on Tuesday evenings, 7.30 to 9. The Council felt that a £700 annual fee was reasonable, and that initially a one-year agreement should be drawn up.

ACTION: Clerk to draw up a one year contract for APC and Ashurst FC to agree and sign. 


Now that the Football Club was on board, Cllr Fischel had started making enquiries re the    replacement or refurbishment of the John Eaton Hut. She showed an example of of a purpose built, prefabricated sports pavilion. Whatever option is chosen, and it looks as if showers will need to be provided, the importance of having a low maintenance building was reiterated. It should also be as environmentally sympathetic as possible (eg green roof, improved energy and water efficiency etc.)


7. Community Climate Fund

The Council noted the report circulated ahead of the meeting on the Community Climate Fund, initiated by Horsham District Council. It was AGREED to investigate this further when it came to the refurbishment or rebuild of the John Eaton Hut.

 8. Planning Applications

There were none.

9. Planning Decisions from HDC.

None for this meeting.


10. Payments and bank reconciliations

                The bank balance at Lloyds TSB as at 16th June 2022 was £15,504.30


  • The clerk presented the schedule of payments since the last meeting (19th May 2022) and the bank reconciliations from May and June, see Appendix 1, which Councillors RESOLVED to approve.




Cheque No

Cost Centre



St Barnabas





Information Commissioner

Direct debit

General, Admin & Insurance



Emily Simpson


Salaries & associated costs



Emily Simpson


Salaries & associated costs





Salaries & associated costs





  • It was reported that no income had been received since the last meeting on May 19th
  • The Council RESOLVED to approve the Clerk as a signatory on the Lloyds TSB account and RESOLVED to approve that the Clerk would move the Council to online banking once she was added as a signatory.

 11. Parish Online

 The Council RESOLVED to approve the renewal subscription quote from Parish Online for £30 for the    period May 9th 2022 to May 8th 2023.

12. WSALC Update

Councillors were reminded of the current training programmes on offer and were encouraged to attend.

 13. HALC Update

Cllr Fischel updated the Council on The Big Conversation where water neutrality, housing numbers and the frequent incorrect disposal of sewage were discussed. The HALC meeting last week was mainly to elect officers. There was little change, with the same Chairman, Malcolm Eastwood, at the helm.

(Post meeting note: There was also a useful update from CI Kendal Wells from the Operations Command and Partnerships Team. He spoke about Operation Downsway, a Police led operation, aiming to tackle anti-social driving and riding on the roads of Sussex. It targets areas of concern to local communities. Further information provided in HALC’s 13th July meeting notes are now on our website.)  

Cllr Fischel advised that she would attend an HDC water neutrality briefing that was taking place on July 27th.

       Cllr Knight updated the Council on the recent Weald to Waves community event which was attended by himself and Cllrs Fischel and Headley. The aim of the initiative is to connect nature across Sussex by creating a biodiverse environment to provide a connecting wildlife corridor from Climping Gap to Ashdown Forest. The aim of the event was to encourage Parish Councils to think about increasing biodiversity, when considering planning applications, but also in areas where councils currently had control. Cllr Knight reported that although Ashurst had improved in its ‘green’ awareness, there was still a gap between Knepp and the Adur River and the Council should encourage additional biodiverse initiatives.  

ACTION: It was agreed that a presentation by Sussex Wildlife Trust to Ashurst residents would be beneficial.

14. Local Plan

There was no update.

15. Grants

 There were no applications to discuss at this meeting.

16. GDPR

 The Council was reminded to delete emails over 6 months old.

17. Correspondence

  • The Council discussed the report, sent by Nicola de Little, Chair of West Grinstead Action Traffic Group, on West Grinstead’s application for a 12 tonne weight restriction on the B2135. It was AGREED to support this application. It was also AGREED that Cllr Nicholson would advise Cllr de Little of APC’s support. The relevant information on the matter would be circulated to the parish at the next available opportunity. (See Appendix 2 for the Draft Consultation circular recently distributed by West Grinstead.)

Action Point (Post Meeting): Clerk to discuss this initiative with Partridge Green Clerk to ensure that, timing-wise, we are able to co-ordinate this initiative, since we need to set up our own Consultation process for Ashurst residents, and give them enough time to respond!

  • It was AGREED that the Council would not submit a formal response to the SDNP’s Local Plan for Shoreham Cement Works.

18. Reports from Outside Bodies

 There were none.

19. Information Items.

 There were none.



Date of next meeting: Thursday 29th September 2022


The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm







                Signed                  …………………………………….   Chairman         Dated                    ………………………




Appendix 1      Bank Reconciliations for Ashurst Parish Council for May and June 2022



Bank Reconciliation May 2022

Balance per bank statement

Closing balance 31st May 2022


Add: outstanding receipts


Less: outstanding payments


Cheque 787 - £120 and cheque 780 - £100

Net balances




Add receipts


Less payments


Net balance



Bank Reconciliation June 2022

Balance per bank statement

Closing balance 16th June 2022


Add: outstanding receipts


Less: outstanding payments


Cheque 787 £120 Cheque 792 £100

Net balances




Add receipts


Less payments


Net balance


























Appendix 2: Draft Consultation Paper from West Grinstead Parish Council.






West Grinstead Parish Council members remain concerned about pedestrian and road safety, traffic volumes and parking in Partridge Green and Dial Post, and has been discussing the possibility of applying for a weight limit on certain roads in the parish to reduce the number of large vehicles using our roads as a cut through between the A24 and the A281 and A283.


The Parish Council, together with Ashurst Parish Council, wish to propose a Traffic Regulation Order which would prohibit vehicles weighing 12 tonnes or more from using local roads, other than for servicing local businesses and homes.  

This would significantly reduce the number of larger vehicles which use West Grinstead, Partridge Green, Ashurst and Dial Post as a cut through.


For West Grinstead, Partridge Green and Ashurst, it is proposed that the weight limit restriction would apply to the B2135 from its junction with the A24 to the A283 junction (Steyning Bypass), Park Lane, Mill Lane, Littleworth Lane and the High Street.

Through traffic will be required to use the A24 and A281 (north to south) and the A272 and A283 (west to east).

In Dial Post the weight restriction would apply to Worthing Road, Dial Post


We propose that 12 tonne vehicles would be permitted on an ‘Access Only” basis to service the local community and businesses. Therefore vehicles needing to access the Star and Huffwood Industrial Estates, the Fire Service, bus services and deliveries to the Co-op would be unaffected by the restriction.   It would only apply to vehicles passing through.


This is a proposal only at this stage but, to be successful, any application requires the support of local residents and businesses.


If you wish to support, or object, to this proposal, please submit your comments, including  your name and address, by email to the Parish Clerk   clerk@westgrinstead-pc.gov.uk by 31July 2022.