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Clerk to the Council:  Elizabeth Leggo

Tel:  07738664449  

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Cllr Fischel

Ashurst Parish Council (APC)

Cllrs Hammond, Nicholson and Russell

Horsham District Council (HDC)

Cllr Platt


Elizabeth Leggo


One member of the public was present


To discuss any questions submitted by the public.

  1. Apologies for Absence.

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Lineham (WSCC), Cllr Lloyd (HDC) and Cllr Knight (APC)

2. Declaration of Members’ Interests.

None for this meeting

3. Approve the Minutes of the Meeting of 13th January 2022

The minutes were circulated to all councillors and taken as read. It was RESOLVED that the minutes are a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman

4. Reports from District & County Councillors.

Cllr Lloyd sent his apologies.


Cllr Platt updated the Council on the water neutrality situation. HDC currently requires a water neutrality statement for any development. This must not exceed the existing amount of water consumed on that site. The evidence to support this must be no more than three years old. Mitigating factors such as rainwater harvesting or the employment of bore holes may be required.


HDC can no longer demonstrate a 5-year housing supply which exposes Horsham district to possible unwanted development.


From a financial view point, the Budget came in with a surplus. The Council had been very cautious this year.


Cllr Platt said that HDC’s Common Neutrality Programme is comprehensive and robust – for example when Council vehicles are up for renewal they are automatically replaced by hybrid vehicles.


The Capitol Theatre is being renovated and environmental concerns are being considered – for instance LED lights and insulation.


Cllr Fischel thanked Cllr Platt for his update.


 5. Outstanding Actions.




Cllr Fischel to speak to the Landlord of the Fountain Inn regarding registration as an Asset of Community Value.

Can now be actioned!

Cllrs Fischel and Russell to keep an eye on issues raised by HDC, when carrying out the weekly play equipment inspections.


Cllr Russell to chase up WSCC for a response and update on Operation Watershed

It was agreed not to pursue this.

Clerk to re-invite a representative of ENSO to the next meeting.

Meeting date to be agreed.

Cllr Fischel to investigate purchasing a new bench for the Recreation Ground.


Cllr Fischel to come up with dates for a Spring Clear up at the Recreation Ground.

To be arranged.

 Cllr Fischel to advise the organisers of the Platinum Big Lunch that the Recreation

 Ground and Cricket Pavilion are available for the Village’s use on 5th June 2022.


Cllrs Fischel and Russell to keep the Council updated on progress on the John

Eaton Hut replacement/ building.       


Clerk to submit the agreed precept request to HDC.


 6. Recreation Ground Matters

  • To receive the report on the Recreation Ground Trust’s income and to approve future expenditure.


The bank balance at HSBC as at 20th February 2022 was £10,743.47


Income received 13th January to 24th March 2022             

None for this period

Expenditure authorised 13th January to 24th March 2022


Electricity - Jan and Feb 2022


Horsham District Council

Play inspections Oct 2021-Mar 2022


Horsham District Council

Non-domestic rates for 2022-23



Monthly bank charges to 19 Dec 21 and 19 Jan 22



Cheque handling fee



                It was agreed to change the bank account over and move to online banking because of the fees.


                The Trust is still in credit with Business Stream for water - the current balance is £7.35 credit.


              Playground inspection reports: The Clerk updated the Council on the latest report from HDC. There was no action required.


                Oak tree update: The planning for the work has just been approved. It is hoped that the work can be completed shortly although no date has been fixed.


                Other Trees:

               The school has agreed to help with weeding and watering the newly planted trees this spring/summer.

               Cllr Fischel has made enquiries regarding a Platinum Jubilee tree, a free gift for every Parish Council.


               Actions: Cllr Fischel to agree a date with the School for tree maintenance on the Recreation Ground.

                               Cllr Fischel to follow up with obtaining the Platinum Jubilee Tree.



               Refurbishment/replacement of John Eaton Hut:

               This summer is being used to assess the likely ongoing requirements of a new/refurbished Pavilion and to find a good builder with green credentials. The building needs to be low maintenance.

               It was agreed that we should probably either have showers or at least future-proof for them for this.

               This summer, the Council will need to do a bit of maintenance to the cricket pavilion before it is used.


                Village events in Summer 2022:

                The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations are taking place on 5th June

                The Flower Show is holding its annual event on 16th July

                The Dog Show will take place on 4th September.

               Use of Ground by additional sporting clubs:

                Cricket Club

               The Cricket Club is hoping that some teams from Steyning, particularly the Ladies and the Colts will want to use the Ground. They may try some games in 2022 to see how it goes. The Ground needs some work on it.

                It was AGREED to charge £25/£30 per game.


                Football Club

               Partridge Green has played only a couple of games this Winter. The PGFC Juniors have also had a game.


               The Trust has been approached by some footballers who are hoping to set up a new team. They would be looking to play nine games a season between September and May and possibly the odd weekday evening. Cllrs Fischel, Russell and Hammond will be meeting them at the Recreation Ground this weekend.

               They will need to fit in with the Cricket Club, Partridge Green Football Club and the School.


                PAT testing: Cllr Russell would speak to the Village Hall about the electrician they use for PAT testing.


Action: Cllr Russell to follow up with the Village Hall re the PAT testing.

7. Planning Matters: To comment on planning applications received from Horsham District Council.

Case No: DC/22/0397

Site Address: Furzefield Farm Honeybridge Lane Ashurst West Sussex

The Clerk was asked to submit the following:


Stance: Neutral


Comments: On condition that minimal movement-sensitive lighting only is used for the proposed footpath. Ashurst prizes its dark skies at night, so Solar or permanent lighting is quite inappropriate. If this condition cannot be met, then the Council would Object to this application and recommend that the initial agreed location is used.  

8. Planning Decisions from HDC.

None for this meeting.

9. Financial Matters

   The bank balance at Lloyds TSB as at 8th December 2021 was £13,161.68

Income received 13th January to 24th March 2022

None for this period

Expenditure authorised 13th January to 24th March 2022

Public Works Loan Board

Village Hall Repayment


Elizabeth Leggo

Office Allowance Jan–Mar 22


Elizabeth Leggo

Salary Jan-Mar 22


Elizabeth Leggo

Back pay for pay award 2021-22



Tax for E Leggo on above


Elizabeth Leggo

Expenses – stamps



Action: Clerk to chase for an up-to-date bank statement.

10. WSALC Update

Cllr Fischel will be attending the forthcoming WSALC meeting for Chairmen.


Cllr Fischel asked the Council whether it had any questions for the NALC Smaller (under 6000 residents) Councils’ Committee or if anyone wanted to stand. It was agreed to see what happens with the Local Plan.


Action: Cllr Fischel to raise the new parliamentary boundaries issue with NALC.

 11. HALC Update

Cllr Fischel informed the Council that Cllr Platt had raised the important updates on the HALC meeting (See 4  above.) Jonathan Chowen’s presentation to HALC, together with the minutes were to be distributed shortly.  

12. Local Plan

Cllr Fischel had previously spoken to Norman Kwan who advised that there is little point in starting a Neighbourhood Plan at this stage. So no action is currently required.

13. Rampion

A second public consultation is due to close on 11th April.

A forthcoming Rampion Open Event is due to be held at the Village Hall on 12th May from 12.30 to 8pm.

14. Broadband

After several months of waiting, we finally heard at the end of February that the application to secure funding from the government and West Sussex County Council for Openreach to install fibre broadband in 63 properties in the village had been granted. Property owners now have until 1st April to pledge their £4,000 vouchers to Openreach and then they will have up to 12 months to wait before the installation has been completed. So far over 90% of vouchers have been pledged - a fantastic result and we are working hard to reach the full 100%. After several years of hard work by the fibre broadband team, the end of the campaign is at last in sight.


The Council expressed its gratitude to Cllr Knight for all of the hard work he has put into this.

 15. Grants

Ashurst Defibrillator: The Steyning First Responders maintain the defibrillator kept at the Village Hall and ask the Village Hall Committee for £120 per year towards this. The Village Hall Committee has asked if the Parish Council would consider contributing 50% of this cost.


It was RESOLVED to pay the full £120 for this.


Action: The Clerk to find out where to send this cheque.


16. GDPR

The Council was reminded to delete all emails over 6 months old.

17. Correspondence

None for this meeting.

18. Reports from Outside Bodies

The last Flix in the Stix had an amazing turnout with 63 people. The next film is Toll on Saturday 2nd April.

19. Information Items.

Consultation on Biodiversity – Replies are due by 5th April. Cllr Fischel asked councillors to come back with any comments by 5th April, or reply in their own right.


The Council agreed that it would like to organise an Annual Meeting of the Electors, maybe in June. It was AGREED to invite Andrew Griffith or a speaker from Horsham District about re-wilding to this meeting.


It was AGREED that the Council would object to the change in parliamentary boundaries, cc Andrew Griffith.


Actions: Cllr Fischel would invite Andrew Griffith to the Annual Meeting and object to the boundary changes.


Cllr Nicholson advised that he had recently attended a meeting of the police. At this meeting he learnt about   the collection of criminal data and how this is utilised by the police.


Cllr Nicholson further advised that the speedwatch team continues to work hard and is pleased with its results. There is more sophisticated equipment available which it may be worth investigating further.


Due to the nature of the information concerning staff and salary the next item took place under Standing Order 11 and was discussed in Closed Session. There were no members of the public present for the meeting.

 20 . Appointment of a new Clerk.

To discuss the recent interviews for the role of Clerk to the Council and to decide which candidate to appoint.



Date of the next meeting: Thursday 19th May 2022 at 7.30pm.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15.




                Signed                  …………………………………….   Chairman         Dated                    ………………………