This meeting was held remotely via Zoom because of Covid-19.


Trustees Present:                             Cllr Fischel - Chairman

                                                                Cllrs, Hedley, Nicholson, & Russell.

Also Present:                                     David Fischel – Chairman of Ashurst Cricket Club                                               

In attendance:                                 Elizabeth Leggo – Clerk


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Partridge Green Football Club and from Mrs T Clarke and Mrs S Smith (Co-Headteachers of Ashurst Primary School).


  1. Declaration of Members’ Interests

None for this meeting.


  1. To Approve the Minutes of the Meeting of Thursday 5th September 2019

The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting. The Chairman agreed to send these signed minutes to the Clerk.


  1. Update on actions from the last AGM
  • As previously agreed, grass cutting is taking place less frequently to save money.
  • Repairs have been carried out on the climbing frame. Thanks to Cllr Russell.
  1. Accounts

The Clerk has completed the Annual Return for the Charity Commission for 2019/20. The income for the year was £5,083.65 and expenditure £4,657.54.


Income was received from Ashurst Primary School, Ashurst Cricket Club, Partridge Green Football Club and Ashurst Parish Council for the financial year 2019/20. The principal item of expenditure once again was the grass cutting at £2,520, water and electricity came to approximately £600 and the play equipment inspections were approximately £160.


The Trustees were concerned over the cost of the water and electricity and the Clerk agreed to speak to Utility Aid to see if they could find better deals for the Trust as a charity.


  1. Coronavirus related matters

Coronavirus has impacted on income for the Recreation Ground this year as the Cricket Club has been unable to play this summer. The Annual Dog Show was also cancelled.


The play equipment which was closed for several months has now been re-opened with signage informing the public that the equipment is not cleaned and that it is at all users’ own risk. Cllrs Fischel and Russell had undertaken a risk assessment at the Ground prior to this reopening.


The Cricket Pavilion and John Eaton Hut (including the toilets) have remained closed since lockdown in March. This position now needs to be reviewed since the Partridge Green Football Club (PGFC) will be coming to play at Ashurst this Autumn. (See Item 9 below.)



Use of the John Eaton Hut for changing and showering was discussed. FA guidelines state that although these facilities can be used, it is preferable for players to arrive at a match changed and ready to play, and to shower at home afterwards. The Trustees confirmed that this was their preferred option and asked the Clerk to pass this information on to PGFC.


The toilets at the John Eaton Hut can be used provided that PGFC cleans the facility, at the very least prior to and after any match, and ideally between use. Paper towels should be brought along for use. Signage would be placed in the toilet. The Clerk would find the appropriate signage and Cllr Fischel would print, laminate and put this up.


The Trustees instructed the Clerk to ask PGFC to follow all FA and Government guidance relating to Covid-19 and to provide the Trustees with a copy of their Covid-19 risk assessment which the Clerk could then send on to the insurer.


PGFC is already using its own QR code for NHS test and trace when playing at Partridge Green and has agreed to set up another for its use of Ashurst Recreation Ground.


  1. Primary School Matters

Mrs Clarke and Mrs Smith, Co-Headteachers of the Primary School, sent their apologies. The update received was shared with the Trustees and is included as Appendix 1 at the end of these minutes.


West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has not yet paid the invoice for Ashurst Primary School‘s use of the Recreation Ground. The amount of £1,200 was due back in April. Cllr Fischel has been in contact with the Chair of the Governors of Ashurst Primary School. It is hoped that WSCC will pay shortly.


  1. Cricket Club Matters

David Fischel, Chairman of Ashurst Cricket Club, attended the meeting to update the Trustees. His report is included as Appendix 2 at the end of these minutes.


It was agreed that the Cricket Club would sign the agreement for use of the Ground if, and when, cricket resumes next year. It was also agreed that rent for use of the Ground would have to be paid on a per match basis.


  1. Football Club Matters

Representatives from PGFC gave their apologies. An update is included as Appendix 3. Richard Moules is standing down after many years of service to the Football Club. His position is being replaced by Steve Nyahoe.


It was agreed that PGFC would pay the same as last season, namely £300 for six matches and a further £50 per match. The Clerk was asked to invoice the Club for the annual fee and to send a lease, amended to include the points as per item 6 above.


Note: PGFC will need to notify the Clerk at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours in advance before any matches take place on the Recreation Ground.


The updates concerning Covid-19 are included above in item 6.


The Chairman of PGFC has agreed that all its rubbish from the Recreation Ground will be collected and the sink in the John Eaton Hut will be unblocked since PGFC is responsible for its blockage!




  1. Questions from the floor



  1. Any other business

Cllr Russell agreed to take a water sample for legionnaires testing from the toilets at the John Eaton Hut, just before these are re-opened for PGFC’s games.  PGFC will need to give the Clerk adequate notice (preferably a week) before they start their season at Ashurst.


A donation of £60 had been made by Slinfold Concert Band for the use of the Ground for rehearsals.


The Chairman advised that delivery of the 420 trees will take place sometime in November, courtesy of the Woodland Trust, to whom we are very grateful. Once we start planting we are keen to get the Ashurst community involved, ie Ashurst school and its residents (as well as its councillors and the Clerk).


Cllr Fischel will contact the member of the public who had expressed concern about the health of the old oak tree on the Ground.


  1. Date of the next Recreation Ground AGM: Thursday 2nd September 2021


      The Chairman of the Trustees closed the meeting at 6.40pm
















Appendix 1: Update from Ashurst Primary School

 Appendix 2: Update from Ashurst Cricket Club

-Sadly and for obvious reasons, Ashurst Cricket Club has not played at all this year on the Recreation Ground or elsewhere.

-We have however maintained the cricket square throughout the summer with the roller applied earlier in the season and regular mowing.

-Some rabbit damage to the square is evident but this can be repaired over the winter.

-The ground could therefore be operational again for cricket in Summer 2021 although some repairs to the pavilion look to be becoming a little more pressing.

-As a nucleus of players from previous seasons has effectively disbanded and the impact of Covid on village cricket is not yet clear, I believe we should keep an open mind on what form future cricket at Ashurst Recreation Ground may take. Maintaining the square at least keeps options open.

-We are grateful to the Trustees for the financial concession made to the Cricket                                   


David Fischel.           Chairman   29 September 2020     

Appendix 3: Partridge Green Football Club Report 2019-20

To say that this season has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows would be an understatement to say the least but here is a summary of the First Teams campaign written by Assistant Manager, Peter Hurrell.


Despite being ravaged by the weather and cut short by coronavirus, it has still been a great season. Here we take a look at the 1st team campaign and thoughts of the management team.
Hope this cheers you up.

SEPTEMBER- ups and downs
Sept 7th - club legend Jimmy Fisher has prepared a beautiful pitch for the Green's opening match in the campaign. The Green however fall behind twice and a clever Harry Green free kick rescues a point against Wisborough.
Sept 21- Connor Angood scores the first of several hat tricks, as the Green travel to Horsham Crusaders and record an emphatic 5-0 win.
Sept 28- The month ends with a whimper as the Green exit tamely from the Chichester cup, going down 1 nil on Yapton's plastic pitch.
Who wants to win a cup anyway.

OCTOBER - The magic of the cup!!!
Oct 5th- A comfortable win at the field of dreams to keep the Green near the top of the early league table. Connor and JJ Angood share the goals and some nice football is played.
Oct 12th - The boys roll their sleeves up and return from Slinfold with a point, difficult conditions and wily old veteran keeper Dave Angell impresses.
Oct 19th - The season lifts off with a magnificent extra time win against premiership neighbours Steyning, don't you just love the cup! The Green were 2 goals down and could have ended up winning by more, but for the heroics of their keeper, who still wasn't as good as ours.
This match would be chosen by management as the best performance of the season.
Oct 26th - After the magic of the cup, the Green return to the bread and butter of their league campaign. In gale force winds and in driving rain they battle to a 3 nil win away to Rowfant.

NOVEMBER- a blemish on the record
Nov 9 - With the weather still dismal, the Green agree to switch their home fixture to Southwater and probably wish they hadn't bothered. Even another Connor hat trick cannot save the Green from their first league defeat of the campaign. Time to get Ashurst ready.

JANUARY - Like we've never been away.
Jan 11th - After a massive 2 month layoff, the Green shake off the cobwebs in style, coming from behind to beat a very strong Southwater side 3-1 at fortress Ashurst. Jimmy stays at the club for a 2nd pint amid talks of league titles.
Jan 18th - Again the Green come from behind this time by 2 goals to beat Crusaders and maintain their promotion push. The honours board at the club is given a clean as the excitement builds.

FEBRUARY- when the going gets tough
Feb 8th - The Green battle for a precious point in a 6 goal thriller with Ewhurst. The lively Andy Barr impresses as a 2nd half sub and the hosts rack up 8 yellow cards.
Feb 22nd - Yet again going a goal behind, the Green finish February in style with a cracking 5-3 win at Southwater. Callum Angood is now fully fit and torments the opposition with 2 goals and a man of the match display. Dan Smith scores probably the goal of the season, cracking an unstoppable volley from the edge of the box into the top corner. Manager Whibley thinks about having a jager. Management vote this in 3rd place for match of the season.
MARCH - signing off in style
March 14th - In what sadly turns out to be the last match of the season the Green thump their title rivals Slinfold 9-1 in a fitting finale to a fine season. Again the Green fall behind early, before tearing the opposition apart in an attacking display which is voted runner up by management as their match of the season. Callum and Connor help themselves to a hat trick each and Connor finishes a shortened campaign on an impressive 22 goals.
Management join squad members down the pub and it all goes pear shaped.

Bring on the new season.

Reserve Team Manager, Wesley Dishington added ;

“From last year to this year, the development of the lads as a team has been outstanding.
We have achieved much more than we expected at the start of this season and Im  very proud to be a manager and be involved with such a great club. I'm looking forward to returning next year when our expectations will be rising again.

It was a shame that  the season was cut short but the health and wellbeing of the players was paramount.”

First Team Manager, Andy Whibley added;

“Although the season ended prematurely and disappointingly given that we were top of the league and in a wonderful position to bring silverware back to The Field of Dreams for the first time in many years, the most important thing was the safety and well-being of our players, officials and their families in these unprecedented times.
Over the last few weeks we have seen how our wonderful community have pulled together to help each other and as a Club, we are proud to represent this village.
Hopefully all of our lives will return to some sort of normality soon and eventually football will resume again at the park. Until then, stay safe and well“